Floral Short Casual Print Dress

What’s also super important is outerwear: the big puffers, dominated by Canada Goose and Moncler. Also, Prada and Herno. It’s a category that works whatever the age and gender. Casual Oversized Pleated Chic Dress

Accessories are also important. Simon [Porte Jacquemus] has carved out an amazing space for himself. I remember five years ago seeing those tiny bags and they looked almost silly, but he started that trend. I have a huge amount of respect for him. And Vivienne Westwood jewelry, which has been around two or three decades, is super strong, and appeals across several generations. We are bringing Vivienne back in a big way next year.

Were there any surprises?

Those have been the result of the reaction to the social environment. For a long time, no one could go to weddings or out at night. So there has been a huge demand for occasion wear, things which are very dressy and opulent. Floral Short Casual Print Dress More flamboyant, more beautiful, more couture in look and spirit: Saint Laurent—the smokings sold really well—Balmain and the more evening elements of Fendi.

What didn’t connect so much?

I don’t think oversized streetwear has gone; I can still feel some of that energy in the collections and at some fashion houses. But I personally feel the direction is more towards beautiful things, more creative things. We can’t surf the streetwear wave forever. We will have elements of it, but it’s not a big driver for us. I mean, how many hoodies can you have? Though people have connected with denim in a big way: the boyfriend jean with a sexy top was a thing.

How did the pandemic affect or change the retail experience?

One thing we never stopped doing were installations in the store; things which brought elements of surprise. Even in the worst days of the lockdown we did virtual appointments from those installations. We went into resale with Resellfridges and renting clothes with Selfridges Rental—all of those things we’re going to be doing more of. One of the big things is the metaverse and NFTs; those are what I’m interested in, and we are working on a project around those with an artist for next year. It’s about understanding how a new generation will consume fashion. We changed our restaurants more this year than in the last 20, opening up one with Matthew Kenney, the chef for plant based cuisine. I strongly believe that, for us, sustainability has to also be about food; we have a honey restaurant called Hive, where the honey comes from hives on our roof. Food and fashion are so much part of the social moment. I find it super exciting, and it is something I want to continue with.

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